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How to choose outdoor travel first aid bag?
Jul 19, 2018

How to choose outdoor travel first aid bag?

The outdoor travel first aid bag requires convenient carrying, convenient use, clear division and expansion. Choose an outdoor travel first aid kit to choose a first aid kit based on your own situation and destination. Simply say the following points for reference

(1) The size of the first aid kit, the general outdoor first aid kit is easy to deploy, if a person chooses to travel a little smaller, if not for a person to travel, choose a slightly larger first aid kit.

(2) There should be spare space in the first aid kit, and you should place your own or other people's regular medicine before you travel.

(3) Depending on the destination, such as places with more mosquitoes, places with snakes, etc., you need to choose a highly targeted first aid kit, or adjust the ordinary first aid kit.

(4) First-aid kits need the most basic equipment: disinfection debridement, wound care, hemostasis, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, cold compress, emergency flashlight, reflective strip or fluorescent logo.