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How to keep food and drink cold by soft cooler bag?
Oct 19, 2018

1. First, put some small ice cube on the inside bottom of cooler bag.

2. Second, put food and drink above the ice cube.

3.At last, put the iceon the food or drink. As a result, the food and drink are surrounded by ice cube.

4. Keep the zipper closed only when you have to get the food and drink out.

    Keep things icy-cold three days, even in extremely hot conditions!

    Our soft coolers bags are available in different sizes and are constructed of the TPU(food grade) materials inside, all closed foam for insulation, TPU coated polyester for durability and waterproof zippers for insulated. The most important, our soft bag made by unique welding technic by special molds instead of traditional stitching craft. 

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