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What are the functions of waterproof bag lanyard?
May 29, 2018

What are the functions of waterproof bag lanyard?

1 waterproof bag lanyard main function is waterproof

Nowadays there are some waterproof bags on the market, the performance of waterproof bags is very poor, slightly wet or heavy rain will wet the contents of the bag, so when choosing waterproof bags, you must choose a waterproof package, of course, Can be covered with a rain cover.

2. Anti-tearing performance of waterproof bag lanyard

When choosing a waterproof bag, be sure to choose a tear-proof waterproof bag; when traveling outdoors, we will definitely have some more tents, cooking utensils, etc., all packed in a backpack, then if you buy a package of poor quality, loading things If half of the children are worn, tearing too hard, or walking in the process, with the body's shaking, the important tearing of the bag body cannot withstand the loss.