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Waterproof Backpack

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Multi-function Waterproof Backpacks

Material: TPU+airtight zipper
Size: 32x16x49.5cm(24L)
MOQ: 500 PCS
Feature: As waterproof bag, cushion, floatable life-buoy, air bag etc.
Protect fragile objects, precious stuffs after closed the zip. Anti-collision, anti-extruding, waterproof, load-bearing.
Multi-layers: dry&wet separated, IPX7 waterproof inside layer for dry articles, breathable outer layer for towls and liquid etc. wet articles.
German backpack pump design: comfortable, easy-carry, breathable, sweat uptake.

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Product Details
  1. 1. Waterproof cationic cloth/TPU & professional watertight zipper for outer, iPX7 waterproof grade for main pocket. Leakproof under the rain or on the water.

  2. 2. Unique welding technic by special molds instead of traditional stitching craft.

  3. 3. Four compartments existed to keep wet & dry objects be separated. Independent several inside parts for valuables.

  4. 4. Specially for people's adjustable shoulder belts.

    Comfortable/breathable/sweat-absorbent back panel.

  5. 5. Multi-function after close the main pocket: can bear the weight as cushion, can be anticollision as sir bag, can be floatable as life-buoy to protect valuables.

  6. 6. 60 ℃ anti-high tempreture, -40 ℃ anti-low tempreture.

  7. 7. Be widely used in camping, floating, boating, swimming, riding, driving, hunting, travelling, emergency rescue, fire extinguishing, aquatic training etc.

  8. 8. More safe & convenient function with accessories like: GPS, air inflation switch, shower switch etc.

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